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Children of the Trees

Xylophone - Stained / Natural by Children of the Trees

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Make some noise with our awesome wooden Xylophones. Encouraging early music making, these popular instruments are a great tool for children to make happy sounding noises.

The Xylophone has 13 keys and comes with two drumsticks .

Size: 37cm long by 23.5cm wide at the largest end.

Age: 1+ years

Material: New Zealand Pine

The stained Xylophone is done so using plant based oils with a natural hardener in it that gives it a durable finish. The timber surface is enhanced while creating a water resistant, washable and protective coating.

The Xylophone should always be used under adult supervision at all times. Always inspect item before play and discard at the first sign of damage. 

**Each key of the Xylophone plays a different note but is not in tune professionally.