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Shungite Experience

Shungite EMF Shield By Shungite Experience

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These Shungite Stickers are unique, and are Our only imported product - made in Australia, so not too far away.

Enhancing natures creation.

Shungite is Diamagnetic and so becomes a shield to reflect EMF’s away from you. Diamagnetic is relating to a substance that generates a magnetic field in the direction opposite to an externally applied magnetic field and is therefore repelled by it.

Our Biofield is weakened by things like EMF radiation but these stickers have a positive impact on our Biofield, thereby mitigating any harmful effects.

You can either peel off the sticker and attach to your phone or simply place the whole card in your phone case, either way works!

Unique Precious Shungite phone sticker is made with :

  • Shungite Type 1 Elite
  • Shungite Type 2
  • Tiny silver particles that amplify the shielding effects of Shungite

BioFeild Photo:

Photo 1- A photo of the biofield taken with an Aura Camera

Photo 2 – An operating mobile phone was placed on the subjects lap showing how wifi affects the biofield- notice the faded colours and suppressed biofield

Photo 3 – A Shungite phone sticker was applied to the operating mobile- The phone sticker confirms the shielding effects of Shungite.

It is believed to effectively shield you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies by repelling the emf field which is emitted from cell phones, computers, probably 5g ( research needs to be carried out by the Scientific Community ), cell towers, TVs, etc. This is how it works with EMF’s at the moment and we see no reason that it should change.

With more testing since the introduction of 5G, have been advised that these work best for 3G and 4G phones. There is a new sticker in production that will be able to more completely work on the5G network and we will have it as soon as it is complete.