Pink Anthurium Andreanum Kokedama (aka Flamingo Flower)


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Pink Anthurium Andreanum Kokedama (aka Flamingo Flower)

Kokedama originated in Japan during the Edo Period (1603 - 1868). Translated as 'moss ball' Kokedama consists of wet Akadama soil & Keto (peat), formed into a moss ball then bound with twine.
Kokedama can be set on a surface or hung to create a floating appearance.

Use & Care instructions:

A spectacular plant with spear shaped dark-green glossy leaves and striking long lasting flowers. This Anthurium is a hardy indoor low maintenance plant. Give it as much light as possible, while avoiding direct sunlight. She is a tropical plant, and does prefer warm subtropical climates.

Kokedama is approx. 150mm diameter

Please note plant sizes may vary due to availability
Kokedama watering instructions are included, feel free to spritz the plant as you would normally.