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Manuka Blemish Gel by Manuka Rx

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Rejuvenate your skin and reduce the risk of more breakouts.

Worn during the daytime, under your makeup, this gel creates an invisible seal over your skin, preventing dirt, oil, and other debris from getting into your pores. It reduces the risk of new breakouts whilst rejuvenating the skin helping to reduce the appearance of acne scars, naturally.

  • Manuka Oil: We use this oil because of its antibacterial properties, well known for its help in the prevention of acne. It’s also very soothing to inflamed, blemish-prone skin.
  • Nigella Sativa Seed Oil: Also known as Black Seed oil, this antibacterial oil has been used for thousands of years to heal skin by reducing inflammation
  • Retinyl Sunflowerate is a high purity ingredient which is composed of retinol and sunflower fatty acids (>70% healthy unsaturated fatty acids) When spread on the skin, it helps unclog pores, allowing other creams and gels to work better. 

15ml / 0.5 oz tube

Ingredients: Aqua,Glycerin,xanthan gum,benzyl alcohol,carrageenan,leptospermum scoparium branch leaf oil, nigella satvia Seed Oil, dehydroacetic Acid, Citrus Lemon Peel Oil, polyscorbate 20, retinyl sunflowerseedate, calendula officinalis flower extract, BHT,limonene, citral,linalool.