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Of Body

NO.BO Lavender & Ambroxan Fabric Deodorizer by Of Body

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NO.BO is a wonder spritz that neutralizes fabric odours and freshens indoor spaces. Spray into habitats and onto textiles for long-lasting aromatic ambience.
Lavender adds antiseptic cleansing properties and Ambroxan adds a comforting mineral resonance.

Ambroxan is a chemical identical molecule to ambrox, derived from Ambergris. It's smell is hard to describe but it feels like coastal ozone, sun kissed cotton or a warm olfactive embrace.


What are the active ingredients in NO.BO?

The main active ingredient is a high quality, organic food-grade ethyl alcohol derived from sugar cane, is diluted with distilled water to 65%w/v (70%v/v). It is totally biodegradable and disinfects and then flashes away.

Locally-grown, organic oils of Lavandin Super and Grosso primarily provide one of nature's best scents but also these oils have natural antiseptic and disinfectant qualities. Cedarwood oil from Nepal adds spiritual wisdom.

The star ingredient of NOBO - AMBROXAN. A nature identical molecule to Ambergris (an expelled stomach mass from a sperm whale). Ambroxan is a totally hypoallergenic molecule and smells amazing adding long lasting clean fresh feel to fabrics and textiles.

Can I refill or swap my bottle?

Of BODY is in the process of refining a bottle swap and refill system and will notify once this is implemented. In the

meantime - please re-use or recycle the PET bottle.

There is a potential allergen risk with the lavender oil. Please sniff test the product first for any adverse reaction. The Essential oils in this formula are present in amounts no more than 2% (very low). OB has a custom/bespoke service. If there is someone who requires a completely allergenic free solution - please get in touch