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Kūmarahou + Mānuka Honey Cleanser by Aotea

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Aotea says...

Our cleanser combines two of New Zealand's native flora renowned for their soft cleansing effect on the skin. We use 100+ MGO mānuka honey, that has anti-bacterial qualities, but also a moisturising and anti-inflammatory content.

It helps softly remove makeup and dirt from the skin while not being too harsh. We also add kūmarahou which has a high saponin content which means it acts as a natural surfactant and helps foam on the face so that it helps clean the skin, again naturally and softly.

A nourishing and cleansing face cleanser
Follow up with toner, and our honey day cream to finish

100ml Ingredients: Mānuka Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Emulsifier O, Naturguard Pure, Sweet Almond Oil, Kūmarahou wash base, 100+ MGO Mānuka Honey