Lavender (Purple King) Kokedama by Koju Kokedama


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Lavender (Purple King) Kokedama

The Lavender is a hardy plant that tolerates dryness. An evergreen, the Lavender produces rich purple flowers early spring into summer.
This Lavender likes full sunlight & doesn’t mind the cold.

Kokedama is approx. 150mm diameter

Kokedama originated in Japan during the Edo Period (1603 - 1868). Translated as 'moss ball' Kokedama consists of wet Akadama soil & Keto (peat), formed into a moss ball then bound with twine.
Kokedama can be set on a surface or hung to create a floating appearance.

Please note plant sizes may vary due to availability
Kokedama watering instructions are included, feel free to spritz the plant as you would normally.