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Holy Basil Essential Oil by Kereru

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Holy basil calms the mind, enhances stamina and reduces fatigue, and protects against bacterial and fungal infections.

  • Holy Basil Essential Oil is sometimes known as Tulsi Essential Oil. Used extensively in India and within Ayurvedic practices, Holy Basil is grown and distilled for aromatic, medicinal and spiritual purposes.
  • Tulsi a calming, relaxing aroma when inhaled.
  • Tulsi contains a high percentage of the chemical constituent eugenol, which is also found in Clove oil. Eugenol helps keep the mouth looking clean and healthy.
  • It also has cleansing properties, and, applied topically, benefits healthy skin.

5ml Ingredients: 100% pure therapeutic grade, Certified organic BioGro. Botanical name: Ocimum sanctum. Common names: Sacred basil, Tulsi, Tulas. Plant part: leaves. Method of extraction: steam distilled

General Safety Information:
 All oils are for external use only. Always store out of reach of children. Essential oils should be diluted before applying to skin. A skin patch test should be conducted when using an oil for the first time. If you are pregnant or have an existing medical condition please seek professional advise before using. Use caution if using essential with children. Only certain oils at very low concentrations may be suitable.