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No Ugly

HYDRATE Wellness Tonic by No Ugly

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You know how deserts are all dry and sandy with thorn bushes and scorpions? Then it rains and suddenly everything's covered with wildflowers and bursting with beauty and life? 

Well, that's exactly how it works with No Ugly Hydrate.

Scientifically formulated to help with normal electrolyte balance, No Ugly Hydrate's got all the good stuff.

It's isotonic, it's got Enzogenol, one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, it has Fibersol-2 to slow the uptake of ugly sugars*, plus it has 11 vitamins and minerals.

The Black Doris plums aren't essential. No Ugly just put some in because they taste so good.

If you're into intense workouts, intense night outs, or intense anything-outs, you'll know how important good hydration is to staying on top of your game - physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Drink yourself gorgeous in no time.


  • Potassium & Magnesium for normal electrolyte balance*
  • Fibersol-2™ slows uptake of sugar*
  • Gorgeous Source of 11 vitamins & minerals
  • Antioxidant with 50mg Enzogenol®

Carbonated water, fruit juice from concentrate (plum (15%), lemon), sweeteners (erythritol, stevia), dietary fibre (fibersol-2™), electrolyte mineral salts (potassium phosphate (0.31%), calcium lactate (0.31%), potassium citrate (0.17%), magnesium sulphate (0.11%), sodium chloride (0.08%),
natural flavours, vitamins (c (0.02%), b3, b5, b6, b1, b12) , acid (citric acid), new zealand pine bark extract (enzogenol®), (0.02% flavonoids), preservative (potassium sorbate)