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Gourmet Flax Seed Oil by Tru2U

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Delicious unrefined extra virgin Flax Seed Oil, grown and cold pressed in Canterbury, New Zealand.

250ml Pure Gourmet Flax Seed Oil with exceptional freshness and purity.
Nature's richest vegetarian source of Omega-3.

Cooking with Tru2U Flax Seed Oil will destroy many of the nutritional benefits of the flax seed oil and will oxidise the omega-3, which is actively bad for you!

It is fine to drizzle flax seed oil over hot food or toss through hot dishes, but we strongly recommend you do not use it for cooking.

Bottled with no heat, light or oxygen produces a truly delicate oil of the highest possible quality, in a black HDPE plastic bottle that does not leach or let light in for full protection - no oxidation!