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Poet Botanicals

Emotional Rescue Candle by Poet Botanicals

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Grounding | Calming | Meditation | Yoga

A soothing blend of spicy frankincense, orange & organic lavender to promote calm and serenity.

400mls / 60hrs

Poet Botanical candles are made with sustainable, clean-burning coconut wax and scented with only pure botanical essential oils. Each one is hand poured into a apothecary glass jar and packaged in a re-usable cotton drawstring bag. 

Coconut wax

Coconut wax is clean burning, emitting no petrol-carbon soot particles or carcinogens. Coconuts are a sustainable and renewable crop due to their high yield and crop renewal per acre.  I use coconut wax that is non-GMO, pesticide free with no dyes or polymers added. Coconut wax is long burning with an amazing scent throw, making it perfect for essential oil candles.

Pure botanical essential oils

poet. candles are made with 100% pure essential oils sourced from reputable New Zealand suppliers. I'll never include 'natural' or synthetic fragrances, meaning no presence of toxic carcinogens such as phthalates or parabens. poet. essential oil blends are created to enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing. I'm not an aromatherapist, but ensure that all of the blends are safe through consultation with trained aromatherapists.  I also pay careful attention to the quantity of oil included in our candles, ensuring they are safe for children and pets.

Lead-free wicks

poet. candles are made with pure cotton wicks with a paper braid and are zinc and lead free. The wicks are coated with vegetable wax.

Vegan friendly

poet. candles are 100% vegan and cruelty free.