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No Ugly

DETOX Wellness Tonic by No Ugly

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If you’ve been giving your liver a hammering, No Ugly Detox is like turning up with a bunch of flowers, pretending to cry and saying “I’m sorry liver, I love you and I can’t live without you.”

Even if you don’t really mean the sorry and love stuff, the can’t-live-without-you part is actually true. You need your liver to live. That’s why it’s called a liver.

250ml bottle

  • Choline: contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function*
  • Vitamin E: contributes to cell protection from free radical damage*
  • Prickly Pear: 2000mg per serve
  • Antioxidants: 80mg per serve

Carbonated water, fruit juice (from concentrate) (apple, lemon (4%)), dietary fibre (fibersol-2™) , sweeteners (erythritol, stevia), mineral salts (potassium phosphate, calcium lactate, potassium citrate, magnesium sulphate, sodium chloride), vitamins (c, e, b3, b5, b2, b6, b1, b12) (0.15%), natural flavours , antioxidant blend (green tea extract, white tea solids, apple extract, grape seed extract)(0.13%) , prickly pear cactus extract (0.11%), choline (0.05%) , brazilian lime extract (0.04%), lemon balm extract (0.03%), preservative (potassium sorbate)