Damiana; originates in Central America, Mexico and the West Indies. The leaf and stem possess medicinal properties, most famously known for their aphrodisiacal effect. This blessed plant can be used for a myriad of bodily issues we humans experience from time to time. Depression, nervous stomach, headaches, bedwetting, constipation and boosting+maintaining physical and mental stamina. 

My personal experience with the herb has been really positive. On numerous occasions Damiana has treated and prevented my urinary tract infections or UTI’s. Simply make a strong brew of tea - I use a generous table spoon steeped, in just over mugs worth of boiled water for 15 minutes. Damiana also has a light bubbly, dreamy/ euphoric affect on your body and mind. (You may notice in high concentrates of the tea).  

It is important to note that damiana can cause a spike in blood sugar and is an inhibitor of iron absorption. So if you’re iron deficient watch excessive consumption of this scrumptious herb; or eat a big chickpea curry with some dark leafy greens!     

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Aroha nui S xx